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Gifts for Absolutely Fabulous Fans


Absolutely Fabulous Gift Guide


Absolutely Fabulous is a British comedy. It stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as Edina and Patsy, two alcohol-swilling, drug-abusing women who refuse to grow up. It has been off the air for a few years, but it keeps coming back for specials, and there's a movie planned. If you have a loved one that loves watching this dysfunctional Lucy and Ethel, here are some gift ideas for Absolutely Fabulous fans.

French & Saunders Collection



Before Absolutely Fabulous, there was the comedy duo

French & Saunders. Absolutely Fabulous was inspired by

a sketch from the television show French & Saunders.

This six DVD collection contains the best sketches from

French & Saunders as well as seven specials.

Absolutely All of It


This is the ultimate gift for an Ab Fab fan. It is the entire

series plus all of the specials to date, including outtakes. It

also includes the French & Saunders sketch that inspired

the show plus a few other French & Saunders sketches.

This is truly Absolutely All of It!

Absolutely Fabulous Book



Absolutely Fabulous: Continuity. This book is not just the

scripts like other Ab Fab books that are available. This

book contains many pictures from the show, cast interviews,

Jennifer Saunders's reminiscences about the show, and

what she has to say about the characters. It also includes

hand-written script notes.

Absolutely Fabulous Specials


These are the specials that have aired so far for Absolutely Fabulous. The first one, Absolutely Special, contains The Last Shout and In New York. The second one is the special White Box and also includes the French & Saunders sketch that inspired the show. The third one is the newest release of specials for the twentieth anniversary, which are three new episodes and a mini-episode.

Absolutely Fabulous Posters


These Posters are 11 x 17. For the price seen here you receive the posters unframed. They feature hilarious quotes from Edina and Patsy.

French & Saunders Live


The first two DVDs are Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French putting on live shows during their tours as French & Saunders. The first one is from 1990, the second is from 2000. The third DVD, The Ingenue Years, contains some of their earliest sketches. It might be interesting for an Ab Fab or French & Saunders fan.

Girls on Top


Girls on Top is an eighties television show that only

lasted two seasons. It's about four women living together

and their wild antics. It stars Jennifer Saunders and Dawn

French as well as Tracy Ullman. Guest starring in one

episode each (separate episodes) are Alan Rickman and

Robbie Coltrane (from the Harry Potter movies). This

would make a unique gift for an Ab Fab or French &

Saunders fan.


Region 2 UK Videos


These videos are not playable on US DVD players.

If you're in the UK or if you're in the US but the gift

receiver happens to have a DVD player that plays both

Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs, then these videos would

make an interesting and unique gift. Let Them Eat Cake

is a short-lived television comedy set in the Palace of

Versailles during the time of Marie Antoinette. It stars

Jennifer Saunders as Colombine, Comtesse de Vache

and Dawn French as her former-prostitute maid Lisette.


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