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Gifts for Record Collectors


Record Collector Gift Guide


If you have a loved one who collects records, then the obvious gift idea would be a new record. But if you are unsure as to which record they would want (or which record they don't already have), then here are some gift ideas for the record collector in your family. I've included items to fit every budget, so whether you're looking for an extravagant gift or for something simple and inexpensive, you'll find it here.


If you want to track down a special rare record to give as a gift, then visit my article about where to find rare records to help you find that one-of-a-kind gift.

Antique Phonograph Replica


Most record collectors already have a record player, but an antique

record player would make a very unique decorative piece to add to

a room. This is a replica of an old-style phonograph. It might work,

but there is no guarantee that it will work so it is best to treat this as

purely decorative. It only plays 78 rpm anyway, not the more common

(for today) speed of 331/3. Some assembly is required. It has a

crank-handle and antique brass horn.


Recycled Record Bowls

A unique bowl that is made from an actual record would make the perfect addition to an entry-way table for storing keys or chargers or just as a beautiful decoration. Each of these bowls is handcrafted from an old vinyl record.

Anti-Static Record Sleeves


Anti-static record sleeves help keep records clean. I don't know how

they are not common with every record, but they are not always

(or even usually) included with every record. To make matters worse,

new record releases have "fancier" packaging which creates more dust

than old record packaging. Anti-static sleeves are a must-have for any

record collector. These are anti-static sleeves that fit 12 inch (331/3)

records. At fifty pieces, this is enough for a good-sized record collection.

Record Sleeves for 45s


One fun thing to do as a record collector is to go to Half-Priced Books

or some other store that sells records (or a garage sale) and buy a few 45s.

Sometimes these 45s don't come with sleeves. Record sleeves for 45s can

be a very useful gift for a record collector. If your record collector has a

stack of naked 45s sitting around somewhere, then sleeves for them would

be the perfect gift. These are plain white paper sleeves to cover 7 inch

records. At one hundred pieces, these are plenty to clothe all the sleeveless

45s in a large record collection.

Record Cleaning Machine


If your record collector's favorite activity is to search eBay or

Half-Priced Books for used records, then they may receive records

that could use a good cleaning. This record washer system comes

with the washer, washing fluid, and drying cloths. It's easy to use

and will clean out dust that may be harder to remove when washing

the records by hand.

Vinyl Coasters


Everyone could use a unique set of coasters. These are made from

actual vinyl records. Due to my love of records and unnatural attachment

to inanimate objects I have trouble with the idea that someone would

destroy a perfectly good record to turn it into something else, so I choose

to pretend that these records were unplayable for some reason and by

turning them into coasters they were rescued from being tossed in a dump.

Now they get a second life as coasters. These coasters are four inches

in diameter with six coasters to a set and are the actual labels from real

LPs. They are sealed in mylar to protect against moisture. A wide range

of musical genres and albums is depicted in these coasters. The album

labels you will receive in a given set are chosen at random.


Record Wall Clock


These are wall clocks made from an actual record. They run on one AA battery. There are several different bands available so you can match your gift to the receivers musical preference. There are even more available on Amazon. There are some colorful vinyl for a truly unique piece of home decor. If you contact the seller you may be able to see what they have available and request a certain record from their inventory.

Record-Themed Jewelry


Record jewelry would make an excellent addition to a record-enthusiasts jewelry collection.


Record Charms


If the music-lover in your family has a charm bracelet, then a record charm would be a perfect addition. There are records and a record player included here as well as a record adapter. The record charms here are gold, silver, and white gold so you can fit whichever metal theme your collector's charm bracelet is.

Record Necklace




This record necklace would make a beautiful gift for a family member or

someone you're close to. It's gold-plated over silver. There is a choice of a 16"

or 18" chain. The record is 30 mm long and 23 mm wide.








Record Earrings        

Cuff Links


If you're shopping for a guy, here are some record-themed cuff links and a tie clip. The first cuff links are records and the second and third listings are record adapter cuff links and a tie clip. The cuff links have a bullet backing. A little note about record adapters because I imagine that most people looking at this page are shopping for record collectors but are not record enthusiasts themselves: record adapters were once used to allow the small 45s to be played on standard record players. The 45s usually have a large hole so the record adapter would fit inside this hole and it has a smaller hole so it will fit over the player's spindle. Most players now have adapters built in them so all size records can be played easily.

Record Holders


When records were more common, there were wire record

racks and other storage options that allowed you to store

your records in such a way that someone could see the spines.

Now people usually use old milk crates, so a record holder that allows the collector to show off their collection might be the

perfect gift for your record collector.

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