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Pippi Longstocking Literary Costume


Pippi Longstocking


Pippi Longstocking is the picture of independence. She lives alone in Villa Villekulla and is strong enough to lift a horse above her head. Pippi has served as someone for little girls to look up to for decades. If, like me, you enjoyed reading all about Pippi Longstocking's adventures when you were growing up, then you may want to dress up as Pippi for Halloween.


There are many ideas for Pippi Longstocking costumes. The suggestions presented here are ideas and products that will help you create a Pippi costume that holds true to the book.






Pippi has red hair braided into two braids that

are braided so tightly that they stick straight out.

This is Pippi’s most distinctive feature. Don’t forget

to add freckles around the nose.




Long Stockings

Pippi wears mismatched long stockings. She

wears one black one and one brown one. This

is presumably where the "Longstocking" part

of her name comes from. Pippi's full name is

"Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade

Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking,"

as stated when Pippi's teacher demands to

know her full name. She is "daughter of Efraim

Longstocking, formerly the Terror of the Sea,

now a cannibal king." Pippilotta is too much

to say, so she goes by Pippi. These stockings

from Amazon are brown and black.




Pippi has black shoes that are twice as big as they

should be. Her father expected her to grow into them.

These clown shoes are made to fit over regular shoes.

They are sixteen inches long and made of plastic.



Pippi wears a blue dress that she made

herself. She didn’t have quite enough

blue cloth so she sewed red patches onto it.

Any of these simple blue dresses would

look like a good Pippi dress. And of

course you’ll need red fabric to sew

patches onto the dress.




Gold Coins


Pippi has a bunch of gold coins to use for buying

anything she needs. She obtained these from her

father’s ship when they were separated. You can

carry chocolate gold coins around and hand them

out to people. Leave the top of a couple of the

red patches on the dress open and use them

as pockets.

Mr. Nilsson


And of course what Pippi Longstocking

costume would be complete without Pippi’s

pet monkey, Mr. Nilsson. Mr. Nilsson wears

blue pants, a yellow jacket, and a straw hat.

This stuffed monkey is made to sit up on its

own and is perfect for pinning to your shoulder

to give your costume that final touch. Doll clothes

for a large doll, like the ones featured here, will

be perfect for dressing up the monkey to look

like Mr. Nilsson.


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