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The Big Bang Theory Costumes Costumes


Costumes Featured in The Big Bang Theory


If you watch the show The Big Bang Theory then you know they have featured a few interesting costumes over the years. Halloween episodes (and even some regular episodes) are used to let the characters express their fandom and have fun. Some of them are your basic superhero costumes, but there are also some unique costume ideas that can come from this show. Here are all of the costumes worn by the main characters on this show for your inspiration this Halloween. These would be great ideas to have a group costume, especially if a group of your friends enjoys watching the Big Bang Theory. Pick a season and all dress up in the various costumes that were featured in that Halloween episode.


If you would like to dress as a non-costumed Big Bang Theory character then visit my article about The Big Bang Theory Costumes, which gives clothing suggestions for dressing like your favorite character in this show.

Doppler Effect


In the season one episode The Middle-Earth Paradigm all of

the characters wanted to go as the Flash. They all agreed to

change their costumes, so Sheldon dressed as the Doppler Effect.

There is a Doppler Effect costume available on Amazon, so you,

too, can correct people who think you're dressed as a zebra.

Wonder Woman


In the Wheaton Recurrence the characters lose a bowling match to Sheldon’s arch nemesis, Wil Weaton. They made a bet on the game so the boys have to dress as female comic book characters. Sheldon dresses as Wonder Woman.


The outfit featured here is the same type of Wonder Woman costume that Sheldon wears (the classic costume, not a newly-inspired costume). It includes all of the accessories. This is the bigger size so it can fit an average male. Also featured here is a Wonder Woman wig. (The costume does not include the wig).

The Flash


In the Justice League Recombination all of the gang dress as

The Justice League for a costume contest on New Year’s Eve.

Sheldon finally gets to be the Flash! And the group wins the costume

contest, much to Sheldon’s excitement.


The Flash costume included here has a muscley chest, like the one

Sheldon wore.

Sexy French Maid


In the Hawking Excitation Sheldon is forced by Wolowitz to walk

through the cafeteria wearing a sexy French maid costume in

exchange for Howard giving Stephen Hawking Sheldon’s paper and

arranging a meeting with Stephen Hawking.


This is a larger size French Maid outfit so that it can fit an average

male. Don't forget the feather duster!

Raggedy C3PO


In the season six Halloween episode of the Big Bang Theory Amy and Sheldon argue over whether they should go to Stuart’s Halloween party in couple’s costumes. Amy wants to go as Raggedy Ann and Andy and Sheldon wants to go as C3PO. Sheldon’s compromise is to go as Raggedy C3PO, which consists of a C3PO costume with a Raggedy Andy wig.


Featured here is the official C3PO costume. The entire Threepio outfit (mask and jumpsuit) is included. This Raggedy Andy wig includes the little hat, which was also on the wig that Sheldon wore.



In the episode The Middle-Earth Paradigm, Leonard doesn’t get to be the Flash so he goes as everyone’s second choice – Frodo.


To make a Frodo costume you need to have the pointy ears. The ears featured here are latex and fit over your ears. Leonard wore a green cloak and brown vest with his Frodo outfit. And what Hobbit costume would be complete without the big, hairy feet.



In the Wheaton Recurrence Leonard has to dress as Supergirl after trouble in his relationship with Penny causes the group to lose the bowling match to Wil Wheaton and Stuart.


The Supergirl costume featured here is a larger size so it will easily fit a man. And there's a blonde wig with 70's hair, just like the one Leonard wore as Supergirl.

Green Lantern


In the Justice League Recombination Leonard wants to be the Superman

part of the Justice League but ends up having to be the Green Lantern

when the group decides they would have a better chance at winning the

costume contest if Penny’s new boyfriend is Superman.


Here is a Green Lantern costume with the muscly chest. It includes

the mask.

Albert Einstein


In a more recent Halloween episode of the Big Bang Theory Leonard

goes to Stuart’s party dressed as Albert Einstein with Penny dressed

as a sexy cop.


Here is an Albert Einstein wig and moustache. Leonard wore a vintage

brown suit that looked like it was made out of wool when he was

dressed as Einstein.



In the Middle-Earth Paradigm, when he can’t be the Flash because everyone wants to be the Flash, Raj surprises everybody when he returns as the Norse god Thor.


Featured here are Thor's helmet and hammer. When Raj was dressed as Thor he had a fur cloak. His cloak was made completely of fur but this cloak with faux fur trimming will be good to complete the costume. And don't forget a blond wig.

Cat Woman


In the Wheaton Recurrence Raj dresses as Cat Woman after the

group loses the bowling match to Wil Wheaton and Stuart. He really

enjoys his sexy Cat Woman costume.


The costume featured here looks exactly like the Cat Woman costume

that Raj wore when they lost the bet. It is available in a large size so that

it may fit a male. The hat and claws are included.



In the Justice League Recombination, when Leonard demands to go

as the Green Lantern because the group wants Penny’s boyfriend to be

Superman, Raj is forced to go to the New Year’s party as Aquaman. His

costume includes a purple seahorse for Aquaman to ride on. Of course I

couldn’t find an Aquaman costume with a giant seahorse, but there are

several regular Aquaman costumes available on Amazon.



Indian Jones


In the Holographic Excitation Raj decides to go to the Halloween

party that he co-hosts with Stuart as Indiana Jones’s love-child,

Indian Jones.


Here is an Indiana Jones costume so you can be "Indian Jones."

It includes a hat, shirt, and pants. Whip sold separately.

Robin Hood


In the Middle-Earth Paradigm, when he can’t dress as the Flash,

Howard decides to dress as Robin Hood. But with the green tights

and tight green top everyone mistakes him for Peter Pan.


Included here is a Peter Pan costume to more closely resemble

Howard’s costume.



When the group loses the bowling match in the Wheaton Recurrence Howard has to dress as Batgirl.


This Batgirl costume is a bit bigger so it can fit a man. And there's also this red wig with wavy hair that is similar to the

one Howard wore with his Batgirl getup.



In the Justice League Recombination Howard gets to be Batman.

He's an earlier Batman, not one of the Batmans from the recent



Featured here is a gray Batman costume with the fake muscles.

It looks just like the one Howard wore.

Papa Smurf


In the Holographic Excitation Howard goes to the Halloween party

as Papa Smurf and he continually tries to regale his friends with tales

of his recent space travel.


This Papa Smurf costume includes the pants, shirt, hat, and beard.

It has a red hat like the costume Howard wore.



In the Middle-Earth Paradigm Penny hosts a Halloween party where

she wears a sexy cat costume. Raj at first thinks she’s trying to be

Catwoman. According to Sheldon (disappointed at the lack of a costume

competition), “that’s the kind of sloppy costuming which results from a

lack of rules and competition.”


Penny's costume shows a bit more stomach than the one featured here,

and the top is more feathery, but this one is a pretty close match.

Wonder Woman


In the Justice League Recombination the group convinces Penny to dress as Wonder Woman so they can win the New Year's Eve costume contest. She wears a Wonder Woman costume that is exactly like the one Sheldon wears in the Wheaton Recurrence.


Here is the classic Wonder Woman costume that is similar to the one Penny wears. And of course the wig. She didn't want to wear the wig at first, but finally relented after having a heart-to-heart with Leonard.

Sexy Cop


Penny and Leonard didn't go for a couple's costume this year like

the rest of the couples on the Big Bang Theory. While Leonard went

as Albert Einstein Penny went to the Halloween party as a sexy cop.



This sexy cop outfit has poofy skirt likePenny's did. Penny's costume

had a halter top, but this one is close enough.



Bernadette has previously been absent from the costume-y episodes, but in the Holographic Excitation we got to see Bernadette dress up. Her husband Howard was Papa Smurf, so Bernadette was Smurfette.


Bernadette and Howard painted themselves blue and Bernadette wore a red dress to match Howard's red pants and red hat. I've featured a dress with a similar style to Bernadette's Smurfette dress. And of course there's the yellow wig and a white cap to complete the costume.

Star Trek Doctor


In the Launch Acceleration Amy Farrah Fowler tries to get Sheldon to grow closer to her by doing things for him he might like. One of those things is dressing like a doctor from the Star Trek crew, complete with a tricorder, and giving him a check up.


Featured here are a classic blue Star Trek dress like the one Amy wore and a medical tricorder. This tricorder has a removable scanner and it makes the sounds, too, so you can give people check-ups - Star Trek style.

Sheldon and Amy Play Doctor

Raggedy Ann


Amy wants to wear a couple costume with Sheldon to prove to herself and the world that he is actually her boyfriend. (The couple costume is in lieu of him giving her a hickey or making a sex tape with her). They reach a compromise and Amy dresses as Raggedy Ann while Sheldon dresses as Raggedy C3PO.


Featured here are a Raggedy Ann dress to go with Sheldon's Raggedy C3PO. This wig will complete the outfit. It's shoulder length, just like Amy's wig. Amy had the little white hat, too.

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