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Invader Zim Costumes


I'm gonna sing the Doom song now!


Invader Zim is a cartoon about an alien that is sent on a fake mission which eventually leads him to Earth. When he accidentally lands on Earth he tries to take it over, but his many attempts at world domination fail due to his incompetence.

Invader Zim only lasted for a brief period, but it garnered many fans while it aired, and even more when it was off the air. If you loved watching Invader Zim, here are some costume ideas based on the many colorful characters.



Zim comes from the planet Irk. He is told that he is going on an important mission to conquer a planet, but he’s really just shot into space because The Almighty Tallest find him annoying. He lands on Earth and attempts to carry out his mission to conquer the planet.

As his regular alien self Zim has big red eyes and green skin. He has black antennae and wears what looks like a red dress with black stripes. He wears black gloves and black boots with black pants. His human disguise still has him with green skin but his eyes are more human and he has black hair that sticks up at the front.


For Zim's "dress" a large Freddy Krueger sweater with the arms cut off would work. Zim had pink sleeves with black stripes, so large arm warmers that are big enough to be pulled to the top part of your arm would look good as Zim's sleeves . For his hair Zim has his wig made up like a "greaser" when he's in his human disguise (with the front part swooshed back with hair gel), so the Grease wig featured here would be perfect for Zim's hair. And don't forget the green face paint!

Zim as an Alien


Zim's clothes are the same when he's his regular self and when he's in a human disguise. But as an alien he's bald with black antennae. Black pipe cleaners will work perfectly for the antennae. The Willy Wonka goggles featured here with the white part painted with the same green  paint you'll use to paint your face will make excellent red bug-eyes like Zim's.



GIR is a defective SIR unit. He is given to Zim because Zim is not expected to survive his “mission.” GIR is white with big blue eyes (which glow red when he becomes serious) and is disguised as a green dog. He is prone to easy distraction and is very compassionate, even developing feelings for a fake piggy (I love-ed you, piggy!). His failure to carry through orders properly is a large part of the reason that Zim has trouble conquering Earth.

GIR Dog Disguise


A GIR doggy disguises (like the one featured here) can be combined with blue goggles and white face paint to make it look like GIR has his dog disguise partially zipped up. These goggles with the blue lenses will make perfect GIR eyes. Just paint the outer part white with the white body paint.

Make Your Own GIR Costume


Do-it-yourself GIR costume:


How to Make a GIR Costume

Gir was a character from the animated series Invader Zim which aired on Nickelodeon from 2001 to 2002.



Dib is a human that goes to school with Zim while Zim is “blending in” on Earth. Dib seems to be the only person who realizes that Zim is an alien. He frequently thwarts Zim’s plans to conquer Earth.

Dib wears a dark blue shirt with a serious face on it and a black coat with black pants. He wears glasses and has short black hair that sticks up in the front like he has a pony tail on the top of his head. His glasses are round so Harry Potter glasses would make perfect Dib glasses. Pull the front part of this greaser wig into a ponytail and it will make a great Dib wig. A trench coat like the one featured here is a necessity for a Dib costume. Dib is rarely without his large trench coat.

Dib's Shirt


A replica of Dib's shirt is available on Zazzle. Featured here is the one that is in dark blue, like Dib always wore; but you can choose other colors and styles, too. This signature Dib shirt would complete your costume.



Gaz is Dib’s misanthropic sister. She hates people in general, especially when they interrupt her video games. She is highly intelligent and is very good with electronics.

Gaz has purple hair that looks ominously like giant teeth around her head. She wears a black dress with gray sleeves and pink leggings. She has a large skull necklace. The wig featured here will have to be styled to look like the distinctive Gaz hair. This simple black dress would make a great Gaz dress, and with this shrug you would get the gray striped sleeves. Gaz's leggings are pink with black stripes, just like the leggings featured here. The skull necklace shown here is 3 inches, which would be perfect for a large Gaz skull necklace.

Gaz's Hair


To style a wig to make Gaz's hair you'll need a lot of hairspray. Take one chunk of hair from both sides of a short purple wig (like the wig listed here) and spray them with hairspray so that they sit stiffly at the sides of your face. Curve the lower part of each section up so that they follow along your jawline. Separate the bangs into three sections and spray them stiff with hairspray so that two sections sit stiffly by the sides of your forehead and one section is hanging down in front of your forehead. Now you're read to rain misery down upon anyone who annoys you.

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