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California 2019


The Fabulous Killjoys



It's the year 2019 in the California desert, and a world-wide disaster has decreased the population. A corporation known as Better Living Industries has taken over the United States. They distribute "happy pills" to keep people compliant and release subliminal advertising to assure the population that "Everything is Perfect." The Killjoys try to take down BL/ind. They make it their mission to pull the wool off people's eyes and remove BL/ind's influence so that individuality can replace blind happiness. The Killjoys have become fugitives.

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

California 2019 Edition


I bought the California 2019 edition of the last My Chemical Romance album, and I was so excited that I decided to make an article all about it, featuring a lot of pictures. The California 2019 edition was only available for order before the album was released. (I ended up having to buy mine off eBay.) Each box comes with a few awesome items that any collector will love.

Better Living Industries Box.jpg

Kobra Kid


I received the Kobra Kid version of the California 2019 box set (the red ray gun and mask). The Killjoy names actually come from the names of their ray guns.

The ray gun is made of polyresin, which makes it perfect for display. Accompanying the ray gun is a clear stand with a silver-toned placard on it that has the name.



The mask is very well made. It's made of a sturdy material (cardboard or paper mache). The front of it feels like cloth.

Bad Luck Beads

The bad luck beads are made of sandalwood. They have symbols painted on each bead. There are various Japanese characters and the MCR spider as well as other symbols that appear on their website.


Some of the people over at I' looked up the Japanese characters and found that they stand for traditional symbols of bad luck (black cat, broken mirror, and the number thirteen).

The Mad Gear and Missile Kid


The Mad Gear and Missile Kid is a 3-track EP. It's made to look like a burned CD "for Dr. D and Show Pony" (DJ Dr. Death Defying and his sidekick). The songs are fast and energetic and a must-listen for any fan.


The tracks are F.T.W.W.W., Mastas of Ravenkroft, and Black Dragon Fighting Society.


There's an excellent review of this EP at Absolute Punk if you want to read a more detailed description.

Art is the Weapon


The Art is the Weapon book has a bunch of photographs from the Sing and Na Na Na videos as well as a few other photos. Interspersed between the photos are the slogans used in the album and videos.

Party Poison


I recently bought the Party Poison California 2019 box set. This is the yellow gun and mask.


According to Cassie the Venomous (a music blogger), the Japanese characters on the gun mean "Give Me Money."

Close Up of the Characters on the Party

Look What Else I Got!


For a hefty price I also received a replica of the Party Poison jacket seen in the videos for Danger Days. On the front it says Dead Pegasus, and on the back is Party Poison's symbol.

Party Poison Jacket.jpg

Fun Ghoul


Fun Ghoul is the green gun and white mask. On the side of the gun is written "Horror." On the other side of the gun is a picture of a vampire with yellow eyes.

Close Up of the Fun Ghoul Raygun.jpg

Jet Star


For a little while My Chemical Romance sold the ray guns individually through their website. I bought Jet Star (the blue one). On the side of the gun is written "Because I Said So."

Jet Star Raygun.jpg

My Favorite Song from Danger Days




This is Planetary (Go). This song really encompasses the highly energetic and exuberant feel of the album. Listen to a 30 second clip on Amazon.

Buy the Danger Days Album


Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released on black vinyl and colored vinyl. The colored vinyl (red, white, and blue swirled) was limited to 500 copies and sold out very quickly. See my article about where to find rare records if you want to track down your very own copy of Danger Days on colored vinyl. This album is also available on CD and as a digital download.




This is Danger Days on vinyl. Currently only the black vinyl is being offered for sale, but occasionally a seller will list a rare version of an album on Amazon.






This is the CD version. It comes with a free MP3 download of the entire album if you buy it through Amazon itself and not one of the individual sellers.




This is the MP3 version. However, the CD above comes with a free MP3 version of the entire album if you buy it through Amazon (and not one of the individual sellers) and it's cheaper.

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