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Where To Find Unique Halloween Supplies


Unique Halloween Supplies


Halloween is a great time of year where people get to dress up and just have fun. If you're throwing a Halloween party or creating a haunted house, here are the best websites to find unique Halloween supplies to decorate for Halloween and help you create the perfect creepy atmosphere. There are also costumes and costume accessories so if you're just going to a Halloween party you can make sure your costume is complete. sells novelty contact lenses, too. boasts having the largest selection of theatrical lenses. As with any trustworthy site that sells novelty contact lenses, all of their lenses are FDA-approved and a current prescription for theatrical lenses is required. Never trust a site that doesn’t require a prescription for contact lenses. Some conditions (like an astigmatism) make it difficult to wear novelty lenses. Additionally, the prescription is not just about determining your vision, but also the size and shape of your eyeball so the best-fitting contacts can be chosen. Even if no vision-correction is involved, consulting an optometrist before you buy novelty lenses is necessary.


The Horror Dome

The Horror Dome sells high-tech haunted house supplies.

The Horror Dome has animatronic Halloween supplies. They also have unique costumes and lots of scary masks. They sell non-animatronic Halloween props that are perfect to help decorate for a Halloween party, too. This is the place to go if you want to go all-out for Halloween or if you want to make an amazing haunted house.


Halloween Asylum

Halloween Asylum has a huge selection of creepy masks.

Halloween Asylum has hundreds of Halloween masks. They also sell plenty of full costumes, even a few for kids. And they only have scary kids’ costumes, none of that cutesy stuff. (Although they do have a few cutesy adult costumes). Halloween Asylum also has a lot of Halloween props to choose from.

Mostly Dead

Mostly Dead sells professional-quality Halloween props.

Mostly Dead has many different props for a Halloween celebration. They even sell changing portraits. They also have foam latex masks (not cheap rubber masks) which can be used to make a very realistic-looking costume. Mostly Dead also has a wide variety of make-up pallets to paint the masks and your face so they blend seamlessly together.


Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween has an extremely large selection of Halloween props and decorations.

Spirit Halloween sells animatronic props as well as simpler props. They even have a selection of creepy zombie babies. Spirit Halloween also has plenty of costumes for adults, children, and pets. They are a virtual warehouse of Halloween supplies; there is so much to choose from to find the perfect decorations for a Halloween party or haunted house.

Confectionary House

Confectionary House is a candy-maker website.

Confectionary House has candy-making molds and other supplies. If you are a confectioner or if there is a confectioner in your family then you may enjoy Confectionary House's many Halloween-themed candy molds. They have molds in the shape of body parts like fingers and brains as well as more cutesy stuff for family-friendly parties. They also sell other candy making and baking supplies.


Halloween Express

Halloween Express has retail locations all over the US as well as a website.

There is a Halloween Express store in most of the fifty states. They have a huge selection of Halloween costumes and decorations. Halloween Express has animated props as well as basic props. They even sell recreations of movie props for movie memorabilia collectors. They also have hundreds of different costumes to choose from and plenty of accessories to complete your costume.


Costume Express

Costume Express has a wide variety of unique costumes.

Costume Express has costumes for adults and children and even pets, and you can shop by theme. They have a lot of accessories to go with your costume. They also sell Halloween decorations. They sell basic decorations and animated and special effect decorations. Costume Express offers free exchanges if your costume doesn’t fit.

Buy Costumes

Buy Costumes has the largest selection of costumes of any store.

Buy Costumes has costumes for adults and children and pets. They have a large selection of accessories (even a Cheshire Cat head!) They have some very unique decorations. They sell basic decorations and animated and other complex decorations. Buy Costumes offers free exchanges for costumes that don’t fit.

Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading has Halloween craft supplies and decorations.

Oriental Trading is a party supply and crafts site. They have really low prices and plenty of items to choose from. There’s even Halloween-themed candy (like bags of “blood” filled with liquid candy and candy skeleton bones that you can fit together). They also sell costumes. Oriental Trading is the place to go if you want to do Halloween on a budget.

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