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Doctor Who Villains and Companions Costumes

Doctor Who Costume Ideas


For fans of the science fiction show Doctor Who, there are a lot of costume ideas inspired by the show. With so many characters over its long run there have been many prominent villains and companions that a person can be for Halloween. Featured here are some official Doctor Who costumes as well as a few do-it-yourself costume ideas (with links to either instructions or products).



The Daleks have had a long history with the Doctor.

They are originally from the planet Skaro and are cyborgs

created by Davros (a scientist who was the Doctor's greatest

enemy until he created the Daleks). They are aliens inside of

a machine casing with enormous fire power. Their only goal

is to destroy all life that is not Dalek.


This is the full Dalek costume, an official Doctor Who product.

It will fit an average adult.

Dalek Dress


If you want a less cumbersome Dalek costume, there are the Dalek dresses available on Amazon. There are many different colors and styles to choose from. Each of these dresses is available in multiple sizes. I've included a beanie to go with the blue dress.

If you'd like to make your own Dalek dress then here are do-it-yourself Dalek dress instructions. This dress is less of a "dressy dress" and more an actual costume.


Doctor Who Dalek Dress

So, you want to be a Dalek, huh? Besides an unyielding desire to exterminate all humans, here's what you'll need:


Queen of Evil

Missy is the female incarnation of the Master, the Doctor's

greatest enemy. She wears a Victorian-style walking suit in

plum. Throughout Missy's reign as the Master, I often

wondered why she wore such an elaborate and cumbersome

outfit. After her final episode I realized, it's perfect for concealing 

a laser-proof vest. If she remembers to always carry a spare

dematerialization circuit, then surely she would have the sense

to wear a laser-proof vest.

This costume on Amazon is available in many different sizes.

Don't forget a long umbrella to complete the look.

Dalek Sec


Dalek Sec is the leader of the Cult of Skaro. When the Daleks

faced extinction, Dalek Sec decided it is to their benefit to evolve.

In the episode Daleks Take Manhattan, Dalek Sec became a

human-Dalek hybrid.


This is a Dalek Sec mask with voice changing capabilities. You can

not only look like Dalek Sec, but you can sound like him, too! When

Dalek Sec completely evolves he is a man in a black suit (with a face

that looks like this product here).





The Cybermen originated rom the planet Mondas. They were originally human-like aliens that were about to go extinct and began replacing their body parts with machine parts. The modern Cybermen are actually humans that have been "upgraded." There is still a human brain inside the Cyber-shell, but all the human emotions have been shut off.


There is an official Cyberman mask. Combine it with this silver space suit to make a great Cyberman costume.


Vashta Nerada


The Vashta Nerada is a creature that hides in the shadows and quickly devours the meat off of its victim's bones. They are "the piranhas of the air." They appeared in the episode Silence in the Library. A team of space travelers were visiting The Library while the Doctor was there when the Vashta Nerada attacked.

The actual Vashta Nerada is just a shadow, but you can create a costume as a reanimated victim of the Vashta Nerada.
The Vashta Nerada stripped the meat off the people it consumed, leaving just a skeleton in a space suit, so all that is required is a space suit with a helmet and a skeleton mask.

Weeping Angel

Do-It-Yourself Weeping Angel Costume Instructions


The Weeping Angels are statues that come to life when no one

is looking. They move people outside of their proper time in order

to steal their potential.


Below is a link to instructions where LiveJournal user penwiper337

has detailed her own experience creating a Weeping Angel costume.


Beware the Weeping Angels

This is a post from a LiveJournal community giving detailed instructions

with a lot of pictures about making a Weeping Angel costume.

Don't Blink Cat

This is the cutest and creepiest thing ever!

River Song


River Song knows the Doctor from his future. She has a futuristic sonic screwdriver and carries a TARDIS journal that chronicles her time with the Doctor. She is portrayed by Alex Kingston (who also played Dr. Corday on ER). She has curly brownish-red hair.


Available on Amazon are River Song's sonic screwdriver and her TARDIS journal, used to record all of her encounters with The Doctor. River Song's sonic screwdriver was given to her by The Doctor. It looks similar to the Tenth Doctor's. That was the first incarnation of his to meet her so he made the sonic look like his did at the time so he would easily "recognize" her and trust her. It has extra function than Ten's sonic, though. This sonic from Amazon makes the sonic screwdriver sounds. Just like River's sonic it glows red and blue. It even includes a neural relay indicator.

Dressing Like River Song


River's two most memorable outfits on the show (other than a space suit) have been blue jeans with a jean jacket and a long black dress with full-length sheer sleeves. She was first introduced in the episode Silence in the Library where she wore a space suit.

These article gives excellent advice on dressing like River Song.


How To Dress Like River Song

In one sense, getting the River Song look is harder than with other characters, simply because she rarely wears the same thing twice.

River Song Cosplay Ideas

This article details a few of River's outfits and gives suggestions for specific items for creating a River Song outfit.

Rory the Roman


Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill) is Amy Pond's husband. He was absorbed in a crack in space and time and thrown back in time where he appeared as a Roman soldier. He then guarded Amy for thousands of years while she was in the Pandorica.  Here are the items you will need to dress as Rory the Roman.



Featured here are a Roman gladiator costume which includes the Roman vinyl dress, a red cape, and arm bands. Rory had a red cape and he wore red underneath the outfit, also. There is also this Roman helmet. And don't forget the sword!


Do-It-Yourself TARDIS Costume Instructions


The ultimate companion, the Doctor's Wife, the TARDIS. In the episode The Doctor's Wife (written by Neil Gaiman) the soul of the TARDIS is put in the body of a woman. It is revealed that the TARDIS picked the Doctor when he stole her so many years ago. In that episode the TARDIS was just a woman in a dress, but to be more obvious about who you are try wearing a dress that is designed to look like the TARDIS. Or (if you're really handy) you can build a portable TARDIS.

Below are links to instructions for creating a TARDIS costume.


Portable TARDIS Instructions

The greatest dad ever builds a portable TARDIS for his son. His son dressed as the Doctor and, after collecting his candy, he would get back into his TARDIS (which straps to his back) and "fly" away.


Making a TARDIS Dress

Instructions for making a TARDIS dress.


Dressing like Idris

Idris is the name of the woman with the TARDIS soul inside of her. This is an article from BBC America detailing how to dress like Idris.





Here are some beautiful TARDIS dresses available on Amazon. They are each available in multiple sizes.





The Ood aren't companions of the Doctor, but the Doctor has helped them. The Ood are a telepathic race of aliens that were enslaved until the Doctor freed them. Part of their brain is external and was held in their hands. This was removed and replaced with communicator orbs when they were enslaved.

There is an Ood mask available on Amazon. For the communicator orb there is this acrylic ornament that can be opened. Drop an LED light in there (like the one featured here) and you have yourself a glowy communicator orb. The orbs are attached to the Ood's mouths, and because this is an ornament it would be really easy to tie some yarn to the hole and attach it to the mask. The Ood wore all black, so black pants and a black jacket would complete your Ood costume.

Companion Costume Links


Most of the Doctor's companions have just been people, so you'll just have to figure out how they dressed and dress like them. BBC America has created articles detailing a few outfits that some of the newer companions have worn so you can dress like your favorite Doctor Who companion.



Romana I

How one woman created a costume to be the first incarnation of Romana.

Sarah Jane Smith

A Youtube video of a cosplayer describing how she created a Sarah Jane Smith costume.

Rose Tyler

Dressing like Rose Tyler (an article from BBC America).

Jack Harkness

Dressing like Jack Harkness (an article from BBC America).

Martha Jones

Dressing like Martha Jones (an article from BBC America).

Donna Noble

Dressing like Donna Noble (an article from BBC America).

Amy Pond

Dressing like Amy Pond (an article from BBC America).

Rory Williams

Dressing like Rory Williams (an article from BBC America).

Clara Oswald

Dressing like Clara Oswald (an article from BBC America).

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