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Lunar Eclipse April 2014


On the morning of April 15, 2014 there was a total lunar eclipse. I took a lot of pictures. I was at work so I only had my camera and a long range lens, so the pictures towards the end of the eclipse aren't great. I would really love to do this one day with my telescope camera.


A complete lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align perfectly, with the Earth blocking the sun so that no light is reflected onto the moon. On a philosophical level, eclipses should remind us that things will block the light and get in our way, but they always move. Everything is in constant motion, though some things may move more slowly than others, and whatever is blocking your light or blocking your path will eventually move out of the way.

Moon Before the Eclipse


This is the moon just before the eclipse started. It seemed a lot brighter than usual. I imagine that happens because the moon and the sun are perfectly level with each other for a complete lunar eclipse, so for a little while the maximum amount of sunlight is being reflected onto the moon.

Before Lunar Eclipse 4-15-2014.jpg

The Start of the Lunar Eclipse


The eclipse started at about one in the morning. You can see the shadow of the Earth begin to overtake the moon.

Start of Lunar Eclipse 4-15-2014.jpg

Progression of the Eclipse


Click on an image to see a larger photo.

Lunar Eclipse phase 2 4-15-2014.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 3 4-15-2014.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 4 4-15-2014.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 5 4-15-2014.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 6 4-15-2014.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 6 4-15-2014 3.jpg
Lunar Eclipse phase 7 4-15-2014.jpg

Total Lunar Eclipse


These pictures do not properly capture the eclipse. If I had been able to use my telescope camera maybe I could have gotten better pictures. There was a reddish hue to the moon at the height of the eclipse. It was really beautiful. You can kind of see the redness in these pictures, but mostly these pictures just show dark.

Total Lunar Eclipse 4-15-2014.jpg
Total Lunar Eclipse phase 2  4-15-2014.j

After the Lunar Eclipse


Click on an image to see a larger photo.

After Lunar Eclipse 4-15-2014.jpg
After Lunar Eclipse phase 2
After Lunar Eclipse phase 3
After Lunar Eclipse phase 4
After Lunar Eclipse phase 5
After Lunar Eclipse phase 6
After Lunar Eclipse done 4-15-2014.jpg
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