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Gifts for Joss Whedon Fans


Fans of Joss Whedon Gift Guide


Joss Whedon is the creator of many fabulous shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. He is also a comic book writer and has plenty of comic books, both relating to his shows and separate from his shows. If you need to buy a gift for someone who is a fan of Joss Whedon's work, here are some great gift ideas.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics


After Buffy the television series ended, Joss Whedon wanted

it to live on in comic book form. Season 8 has forty issues.

(The first listing here is the season 8 omnibus). There is also a

Season 9, and Season 10 that recently started. They are direct continuations of the television series. Also available are comics 

that ran along side the series. If you would like to buy Buffy

comics there are plenty to choose from.




Fray is a comic book sequel to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Melaka Fray is a Slayer hundreds of years in the future living

in Manhattan. She is reluctant to perform her Slayer duties at

first, but after losing everything that's important to her she

decides to join the fight. This book contains the entire Fray

series. Join Melaka Fray as she fights Lurks in the future

Manhattan slums with the help of her demon Watcher.

Runaways Volume 8



Joss Whedon wrote a few issues for Runaways. Runaways

is a comic about a bunch of kids that find out their parents are

powerful criminals. The kids discover that they inherited

superpowersfrom their parents, so they set out to atone for their

parents' misdeeds by fighting other powerful criminals. This book

contains the issues of Runaways written by Joss Whedon (#25-#30).

Astonishing X-Men

Unique Gifts For Buffy Fans


If Buffy is a favorite for your gift receiver, here are some interesting and unique gifts inspired by the show. Listed below are a board game inspired by the show, a book released that is made to be a yearbook from Buffy's high school, The Monster Book - a book that discusses the history and folklore behind the monsters that have inspired the demons on the show, a ouija board inspired by the show, and the first issue of Buffy Season Ten.


More Joss Whedon Comics


Joss Whedon has written a lot of comics for his series. These are the first volumes for some of his non-Buffy comics, but there are plenty more where they came from. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Joss Whedon's comic books. Listed here are comics for Serenity (Firefly), Angel, and a spinoff comic series Angel & Faith.




These two are: Tales of the Vampires, which is a sort of

prequel to Buffy that tells of how the vampires came to be,

and Sugar Shock, which is about a band that goes on sci-fi



Joss Whedon Stocking Stuffers


These are small gifts that a Joss Whedon fan might like.


There are decks of cards featuring either the characters of

Angel or Buffy. The good guys are the red suits and the

bad guys are the black suits.


The Buffy cards are sold out on Amazon but they are

available at the SciFi Shop.

If your gift receiver likes music then here are some CDs from Joss Whedon shows. The Angel soundtrack features

music from the show and includes a few songs from Lorne (Andy Hallett). The Buffy CD is from the much-acclaimed musical episode of the series, Once More, With Feeling. And the last CD is the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Whedon’s lauded musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.


Action Figures From Joss Whedon's Shows



Here are some of my favorites that are

available. These are action figures from

Buffy, again just the tip of the iceberg of

what’s available. They are Buffy with a

stake and crossbow, Anya in her wedding

dress, and Willow and Tara with their kitty

Miss Kitty Fantastico.




And here's a figure from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Penny with a laundry basket. Penny is the love interest

of both Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer in the musical



Malcolm Reynold's Dog Tags



If you know someone who is always railing against the fact

that Firefly was cancelled and talking about what a great

show it was and still holds out hope that it will come back,

this is the perfect gift for them. These are officially licensed Mal's dog tags, inspired by Firefly. They include his rank, brigade number, and serial number as well as the Chinese characters representing his brigade (57) and the logo of the Independents Army. They come in a collectible Firefly-universe Blue Sun cigarillo box.

Brown Coat Replica



Is your gift receiver a die-hard Browncoat? This is an officially licensed Mal leather duster. It's made of suede and includes custom-made brass buckles. It's available in small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra large.

Firefly T-Shirt

For more whimsical, everyday wear, there is a Firefly T shirt featuring Mal Reynolds.

"I'm done adulting. Let's be browncoats."

Available in multiple sizes.

Firefly Independents' Flag



Just because you're on the losing side doesn't mean you're on the wrong side. Let your Browncoat tell the world what side they're on with this Flag of the Independent Faction. It's made of polyester and has a hoist so it can actually be flown outside on a flagpole. At 3x5 feet, it's the size of a standard flag.

Kaylee's Parasol


This is a replica of Kaylee's parasol as seen in the pilot episode of Firefly. This is made of silk and hand-painted. It's 33" in diameter and 24" long.

Firefly Board Game


This is a board game based on Firefly. It can be played alone or by up to four players, so if your Browncoat wants to open it up and start playing immediately they don't have to wait to find other people who are interested. The basic premise of the game is that everyone has their own Firefly vessel and there is a main task to complete, the first person to complete it wins. In order to complete the task you have to take on side tasks to earn money and crew members and necessary equipment for completing the major task. There is a choice of five expansions: Breakin' Atmo Expansion, Pirates & Bounty Hunters Expansion, Blue Sun Expansion (this one contains an expansion to the game board) , Artful Dodger Ship Add On (this adds a new ship to the game so you can have five players with this expansion), and the Promo Card Pack Collection.

Even More Expansion Packs for Firefly: The Game! The Esmeralda and Jetwash Expansions each add a new ship to the game.

Firefly "I Want to Believe" Poster


If your gift receiver is a fan of both the X-Files and Firefly then buy them this X-Files I Want to Believe poster with the

Serenity ship. It's a great piece to celebrate both amazing shows. The poster size is 27"x40".

Serenity Ice Cube Tray


This ice cube tray would make a great affordable yet unique gift for a Firefly fan. Fill the tray with water to make Serenity ice cubes. It's oven safe up to 450° so it can be used as a candy mold, too. Dishwasher safe so it can be easily cleaned no matter what it's used for.


Firefly: A Celebration


This is the "Browncoat Bible." This book contains scripts for the episodes

with notes from the writers and actors and close-up pictures of the set so

you can see weapon details and get a good view of props. It has essays on

the characters as well as interviews with the actors. There's so much in 

this book and it's made to look like it's bound in leather so it would make an

excellent display piece.


Wired has a wonderful article about all of the exciting details of this book.

Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook

If you know a Firefly fan who loves to cook, Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook would be the perfect gift. It features actual recipes inspired by the show (such as Mudder's Milk and Fruity Oaty Bars). Each recipe includes a comment from the character who inspired it.

SyfyWire has a great preview of this unique cookbook.

Firefly Stocking Stuffers


Here are some smaller gifts for Firefly fans. There is a sliver Serenity keychain and a gold keychain. The gold Serenity keychain is a San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusive (limited to 5,000). They are both a little over two inches - 1/600 scale models. The third keychain featured is the Serenity ship on a "leaf on the wind." The ship is 5/8 of an inch and the leaf is about two inches long. This keychain can also be worn as a necklace if the keyring is removed (it comes with a black cord necklace). The Engineered by Firefly car decal is metalized vinyl so it can stay shiny even in poor weather conditions. Let your Browncoat inform the world that their other car is a Firefly-Class Transport Ship.


Complete Joss Whedon Series


If the gift receiver has only seen one or two of Joss Whedon's shows, then introduce them to one of his shows that they haven't seen yet. These are Firefly the complete series, Serenity (the movie that wrapped up the Firefly series), Angel the complete series, Buffy the complete series, and both seasons of Dollhouse.

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