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Unique Gifts for Star Trek Fans


If a Star Trek superfan is on your list of people to buy gifts for this year then you might be wondering what Star Trek-themed gift to get them that they don't already have. If walking into this person's house makes you feel like you're in a museum dedicated to the USS Enterprise then you'll have to come up with a truly original idea. Here are some unique Star Trek gifts that any Star Trek fan will love. There are products featured here that will fit any budget, so if you're looking for something small and simple or for something more extravagent you'll find it here.

Communicator Panel


The Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is a replica of the Original Series communicator panels. It is motion sensitive and can be set to either sound the door-opening "whoosh" or the red alert whenever someone walks by. Pressing the button on the panel sounds the communicator whistle. It uses three AA batteries. Now any Star Trek fan can feel like they are stationed on the USS Enterprise.

Bluetooth Communicator

This is a replica of the original series communicators. It connects to bluetooth-enabled devices, so you can answer calls using the communicator. It also plays sound effects and voice clips from the show. It is rechargeable and comes with a display stand that functions as a charger.

Bluetooth Combadge

This is a replica of communicator badges worn in The Next Generation. It connects to bluetooth-enabled devices and has a magnetic backplate so it can actually be worn. It has chirp sound effects like the combadges on the show. It's rechargeable, but has a short battery life when it's being used as a communicator.



The tribbles are life forms that reproduce at an astronomnical rate. They are loved by humanoids but get agitated around Klingons. Take your very own tribble home! Featured below are interactive tribbles. These tribbles shake and make the tribble sounds when handled. The first four tribbles are large size and are activated by sound and touch. The other two (leopard camouflage and cheetah camouflage) are medium size and are only activated by touch.

Black Alert Tribble

A truly unique tribble, the Black Alert Tribble was featured in the Star Trek Online game. The result of an experiment to see if tribbles could be weaponized against the Klingons, the black alert tribbles were exposed to mycelial spores. This gave them beautiful black fur with aquamarine highlights. It is an interactive tribble. It's large size, so it is activated by both sound and touch. It comes with a mini tardigrade plush. 


Tribble Plush



These are just a tribble plushes - they don't make sounds or move. But they're still adorable. They are 4 inches in diameter and are just furry little bundles of interstellar love.

Mirror Universe Tribble


The Star Trek Mirror Universe is an alternate reality where the crew of the Enterprise, as part of the Terran Empire, is tasked with conquering planets instead of exploring. Because they are not interested in peace, the people in the Mirror Universe are aggressive and evil. Featured here is an aggressive and possibly evil tribble from the Mirror Universe, complete with pointy teeth. This unique tribble has red fur and adores Klingons.


Replicator Mini Fridge


This mini fridge is made to look like the replicators featured in The Next Generation. It has a top-carry handle for easy portability. At 12.75" x 12.75" x 11" it's small, but perfect for an office or a game room. It has a warm and cool setting, so you can keep either cold food or warm food in it.

Transporter Room Shower Curtain or Blanket


Turn your bathroom into the Transporter Room. On the left, this shower curtain is made to look like the transporter platform. The curtain is 72 inches long and comes with 12 rings. Pretend you're beaming down to some unfamiliar planet every time you shower.

On the right is a fleece blanket that looks like the Transporter Room. Pretend you're beaming down to an unfamiliar planet as you drift off to sleep, and boldly go where no one has gone before as you dream.

Star Trek Robes


A Star Trek superfan probably has their own Starfleet uniform for the position of their choice (blue for medical/science, yellow for command, red for engineering). But they (hopefully) don't wear it every day. However, a robe would give a Star Trek fan an opportunity to don a Starfleet uniform every day. These are fleece robes. The first three are 47 inches long. The last one is Uhura's uniform so it's a lot shorter and it's made for a woman.

Uhura's Uniform Satin Robe


Fleece robes are nice and comfy, but sometimes a girl enjoys the feel of satin. This satin Uhura robe is available in small/medium and large/extra large. The small/medium is 371/2 inches long and the large/extra large is 39 inches long. It's made to be approximately knee-length.

Klingon Weapon Letter Openers


While a full-size replica of a Klingon weapon would be an excellent gift idea for a Star Trek fan, they are only display pieces. Give your Star Trek fan a chance to use these weapons of honor regularly. This Bat'leth Letter Opener (featured here) is seven inches long.

D'k tahg Letter Opener


For letters of great importance there is a D'k tahg letter opener. The D'k tahg is a knife used by the Klingons both as a weapon and during ceremonies. This letter opener is eight inches long.

Shakespeare in Klingon


This is the greatest thing ever. The Klingon Language Institute has translated a couple of Shakespeare's plays into Klingon. Here we have Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. Both of these have the English version and the Klingon translation included with notes on the text. Either of these or both of these would make a great unique gift for a Star Trek superfan who can speak Klingon. Even if your gift receiver only knows a few key Klingon phrases these would still be interesting to have, and might spur them on to become more fluent in Klingon.

Klingon Language Learning Books


As companions to Shakespeare in Klingon a few Klingon language books would be useful. For the person who only knows a little Klingon, who can ask where the bathroom is and utter a few insults but isn't yet fluent, there is the Klingon Dictionary and Klingon for the Galactic Traveler. The Klingon Dictionary has many Klingon words and phrases as well as information about grammar when speaking this beautiful language. Klingon for the Galactic Traveler takes more of a cultural approach to the Klingon language. It teaches you key phrases and the proper responses and it includes slang and insults. It's like a traveler's phrasebook for Klingon. It has more than just the words, it teaches you how to communicate.


The Tricorders are a necessary tool of the medical and science teams in Star Trek. They are used to scan people for illnesses and to scan environments to test if they are habitable and to discern hidden dangers. Every Blueshirt Star Trek fan should have a tricorder of their own. On the left is a medical tricorder. On the right is a geological tricorder. These both are official replicas of the Original Series tricorders, complete with lights and sounds. The medical tricorder uses Dr. McCoy's voice ("This is medically impossible!") and it has a detachable scanner. (Yes - the medical tricorder does say "He's dead, Jim.") The geological tricorder comes with ore sample containers.


Landing Party Pack


If Spock is a favorite then the science tricorder is the one to get.

This bundle includes a science tricorder (like Spock uses), a phaser,

and a communicator. All of the pieces have lights and realistic

sounds, with the tricorder uttering a few phrases. This tricorder has

a detachable scanner. Pretend like you've just beamed down on some unfamiliar planet. Set phaser to stun and check in with the ship. Scan

the atmosphere with the tricorder to verify its habitability for the

landing crew.

United Federation of Planets Flag


The United Federation of Planets is, of course, the central government in Star Trek, the Starfleet (of which the Enterprise is a part) being its military branch. This flag is 3 feet by 5 feet and has a hoist so you can put it on a flag pole. It's also available with a galaxy design instead of just a plain blue background.


Ad Astra Per Aspera

Starfleet Academy Class Ring


Another inspiration from the JJ Abrams movies is this Starfleet Academy class ring. It is an exact replica of the prop used in the movies. It has the Federation symbol on it along with Captain Kirk's graduating year, 2258. This ring only comes in size 10.5, but it comes with a presentation box that includes a small LED light for displaying the class ring. Pretend you are a graduate of the prestigious Academy, ready to join the Starfleet and go on adventures other people only dream of. Ex astris, scientia.

Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock


An Enterprise model may be prominently displayed in the home of the Star Trek fan who has everything, but an Enterprise clock would make an original gift. This clock, fashioned after the Original Series Enterprise, displays the time onto the wall when the alarm sounds. When the alarm goes off it sounds like trouble on the Enterprise. The alarm function has the red alert, Kirk calling to Scotty from the Bridge, and the photon torpedoes deployed sound all at once.  It is battery only and it takes 4 LR44 batteries - round alkaline batteries - but batteries are included.



Star Trek throw pillows would make an excellent addition to any room. These pillows are based on the Original Series uniforms. These are blue (science/medical), yellow (command), and red (engineering). Each of these uniform-inspired pillows includes a division-specific emblem embroidered on it (as opposed to just a generic emblem). The sham is removable for easy cleaning. The first three pillows are 14 inches by 14 inches. Also available on Amazon is a pillow that looks like a Tricorder.

Plush Star Trek Space Ships


What could be better than snuggling up next to a soft, cuddly space ship modeled after your favorite Star Trek space vessel? This Romulan Bird of Prey plush is 91/2 inches wide  and 6 inches long. It's got great detail with little windows printed on top along with the top fin and the bird of prey printed on the bottom, looming over anyone who dare cross into the neutral zone.


Enterprise Plush


The Bird of Prey plush would make an excellent unique gift, but everyone knows that if you want to buy a favorite Star Trek space vessel you buy the Enterprise. The adorable plush Enterprise featured here has amazing detail and even includes a little deflector dish on the underside. It's 10 inches long and would make a very cute addition to any Star Trek collection.

Klingon Bird of Prey Model


A big Star Trek fan is likely to already have a model of the USS Enterprise, but they probably don't have their own Klingon space ship. This is a replica of the Klingon Bird of Prey ship. It has lights and makes sounds. The wings are movable so you can lower them to pretend you are attacking and leave them horizontal when you're just cruising. This also comes with a display stand. It has great detail and stretches 16.5 inches across.


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