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Environmentalist Gift Guide


If you know someone who says Greta Thunberg is their spirit animal, you might have a hard time buying a gift for them. Environmentalists don't collect "stuff" the way the average person does, because buying less physical items is a major part of reducing your carbon footprint. But there are still several ideas for useful items that will help a person reduce their impact on the environment. The ideas below are also useful if you are new to environmentalism and looking for ideas to help you reduce needless waste.

Environmental Care Package

Waste is ever-present in society, but there are some tools that help reduce waste. From reusable bags to metal straws, putting together items to help a person reduce their waste would be a very useful gift for anyone. Creating an "environmental care package" with several items that can be used in place of common disposable items is an excellent gift idea for the environmentalist in your life.

Reusable Bags


These reusable bags fold into fun shapes to be decorative and useful. Instead of a bowl of fake, plastic fruit by the door, a person could have a bowl of these reusable bags to have quick access to grab one or more when they are going to pick something up from the store. Below are reusable bags that can be folded into strawberries, fish, and flowers.

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