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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Costumes

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is a musical about a mad scientist who finds love. It's written by Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly fame). Like Invader Zim, it disrupts your sense of who's good and who's bad. The viewer spends the whole time rooting for the villain and thinking about what a jerk the hero is. Here are some costume ideas based on the characters in this musical tragicomedy.

Dr. Horrible


Dr. Horrible (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is a supervillain who is trying to get into the Evil League of Evil. He is having trouble impressing the admission’s council as his gadgets sometimes don’t work perfectly and he tends to talk about his evil plans on his blog so he’s easily foiled.

Dr. Horrible wears dark goggles on the top of his head and a white lab coat with white rubber gloves and white rubber boots. He wears tan slacks under the lab coat. His lab coat is a Howie-style lab coat (the buttons are on the shoulder).



To the right is the complete Dr. Horrible costume (with lab coat, goggles,

and gloves - no boots, though). It is available in many different sizes,

from small to 5XL.


Here are the goggles, gloves, and boots in case the complete costume sells out.

Boots are not included in the complete costume listing.

Dr. Horrible's White Lab Coat


Shadow Dale Creations sells Dr. Horrible lab coat replicas. They are $250 for the plain lab coat and $280 for the lab coat with Dr. Horrible's logo sewn on the pocket.


Dr. Horrible Lab Coats From Shadow Dale Creations

Dr. Horrible lab coat replicas.


Captain Hammer

Corporate Tool


Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion) is Dr. Horrible’s arch-nemesis. He defeats Dr. Horrible at every turn, but it’s more about showing how awesome he is than protecting humanity.

Captain Hammer wears a black T-shirt with a hammer on it. He wears dark brown or olive slacks with black rubber gloves and black combat boots.



Captain Hammer wears a T-shirt with his logo on it (the shirt featured here is an official replica). The gloves featured here look the most like Captain Hammer's gloves. His gloves are wide at the wrists, but these don't have the adjustable strap like the ones he wears. And of course don't forget the boots.



Penny (played by Felicia Day) is the love interest of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. Penny is enamored of Captain Hammer, and Dr. Horrible’s love is unrequited.

Here are my Amazon recommendations for one of Penny’s outfits, although she wears many outfits throughout the show that you can draw inspiration from.


When Penny was asking for signatures to use a public building as a homeless shelter she wore a coral shirt with a brown belt, old torn jeans, and a brown hoodie. Don't forget the clipboard!

This shirt is a similar color and style to the one Penny wears. It's a little form fitting, though, so I would suggest buying one size larger to more closely approximate Penny's look. For the jeans any old and faded blue jeans will do. Most people have that one pair of jeans that may be ripped and worn but they're just too comfortable to throw away. Penny wore a large brown belt over her shirt with this outfit. The hoodie featured here is a similar color to the one she wears. Penny's hoodie has a floral design on it, though. (I could only find plain brown hoodies on Amazon). And of course the clip board for taking signatures.

Dr. Horrible in the Evil League of Evil


When Dr. Horrible is finally accepted into the Evil League of Evil he wears a red Howie-style lab coat. He wears his goggles over his eyes instead of on top of his head. He has black gloves and presumably black boots.

This lab coat on Amazon is not a very good match for Dr. Horrible's coat. It's close enough, but there are much better coats (fan-made) available on eBay. And of course he wears the same goggles and has black gloves and boots.

Dr. Horrible's Red Lab Coat


Shadow Dale Creations also sells red Dr. Horrible lab coat replicas. It's $220 for the plain lab coat and $250 for the lab coat with the logo sewn on.


Dr. Horrible Lab Coats From Shadow Dale Creations

Dr. Horrible lab coat replicas.

Bad Horse

The Thoroughbred of Sin


Bad Horse is the leader of the Evil League of Evil. He communicates with Dr. Horrible through letters. He is an actual horse, so an ordinary horse costume would be appropriate.


Having a Bad Horse would be great if a group of friends decided to go as all of the characters from Dr. Horrible as part of a group costume. This is a realistic-looking horse head mask. Recently realistic looking horse hooves were released that are made to fit over your hands. These items would make a great Bad Horse costume. The horse head even has that white on the nose which, if you watch the final scenes of Dr. Horrible, you can see that Bad Horse has white on his nose, too.

Captain Hammer Groupie


Captain Hammer being the "hero," he has his groupies who are obsessed with him. They are two girls and one guy. They wear a shirt with Captain Hammer's picture on it. This would be the simplist costume.


Fun story: The picture on the shirt is a picture that Nathan Fillion took of himself with his smartphone early in the production of Dr. Horrible.

Evil League of Evil T-Shirt 



This shirt features the Evil League of Evil crest along

with their motto: Homines Non Boni Seriose

(Seriously Not Good Men). Not a costume idea (although it could be a simple costume), I just thought it was neat.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Trailer

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