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Marigold Tortelli's Oeuvre

I Am A Thing Finder


I am Marigold Tortelli. I have many interests. I am also a thing finder. For several of the subjects that I've written about I have a Where to Find... article. Here are all of the articles I have written across all platforms, categorized by subject. Some of the articles are double posted if they fit two categories.



I love music. I collect records and write about musical collectibles.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite bands, both because of their music and because they do awesome things for collectors.




I love to read. I have also taken the LSAT.

Book Reviews

My plan is to write a review for all the books that I read as I finish reading them, but for now I'm catching up with other writing ideas I have. (The article on Mary Shelley's Birthday has a literary discussion of Frankenstein).


Jewelry Making

I make jewelry. I don't make enough jewelry to sell my jewelry, I just wear the jewelry that I make myself.

Unique Jewelry

Sometimes I like to showcase interesting jewelry that I've found online.


Nail Design Ideas

I paint my nails and always do something original with them, so I wrote a couple of articles with unique and easy nail design ideas.



I'm a vegetarian.



Most of my Halloween articles are costume ideas. I did costumes for some of my favorite shows.

Literary Costumes

In addition to drawing inspiration from television, I made some costume articles that are based on literary characters.


Wacky Holidays

When I wrote for Squidoo, one year they challenged us to write an article on a "Wacky Celebration" for every month. These are listed in order by month.

Gift Giving

Making Money Online

When I first started writing online I wrote about all of the different ways there are to make money online and my experiences with them.


These first two are kind of companion articles. I wrote the Being a Loner article to explain how I overcame depression


I wrote the Tales From the Crypt article to fulfill the Kipsy's Return quest on Squidoo. When I have time to sit and rewatch Tales from the Crypt I'm going to turn it into an episode guide of sorts (I've already referenced specific episodes on some of the modules). Most of the rest are my blog entries.

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