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Gifts for Futurama Fans


Futurama Gift Guide


If you know someone who is a fan of the cartoon Futurama, then there are many unique gifts for you to choose from during this gift-giving season (or for birthdays after this gift-giving season). Chances are they already have the DVDs, so now's the time to think outside of the box for your beloved nerdlinger. Here I have gift ideas to fit every budget so you'll be sure to find something for your Futurama fan no matter what you are planning to spend.

Futurama Comic Books


Although Futurama is no longer on the air, you can still get new


Futurama stories through the long-running comic series. The comic


books started during Futurama's first season and continued during the


first Futurama cancellation and after the true Futurama series finale.


From 2000 until 2018, 83 Futurama comics have been published.


Featured here are Futurama-O-Rama, which contains the first four


comics, and Futurama Adventures, which contain the next five comics.


One or both of these would be a great gift to introduce a Futurama fan


to the comic book series.



The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis

This book contains a comic book story, but it is so much more than

a comic book. It's a large, hardcover book that has a beautiful cover

that would make it great to display as well as read. It contains the title

comic as well as a few bonus stories and other bonuses. It's the perfect

gift for someone who is a fan of both of Matt Groening's most famous

cartoons. More than just a comic, this is a collector's item.



Talking Bender Action Figure


Give someone the gift of Bender! This talking Bender action figure

utters twelve different phrases. So, shut up and listen to Bender.

This action figure is nine inches tall and says some of Bender's most

famous lines. The phrases include:
"Shut up and pay attention to me, Bender!"
"Who are you and why should I care"
"Would you kindly shut your noise hole."

Futurama Kidrobots Set


These collectible figures were initially sold separately in "blind boxes"

so you wouldn't know which one you were getting. This is the entire set

with the accessories included. Most of these figures are available separately

on Amazon for a lot cheaper if you just want a couple of stocking-stuffers.

This is the complete set of the Kidrobots for Futurama, including the

accessories for each one. Each figure is individually boxed in their "blind

box." They are approximately three inches tall and have poseable heads

and arms.

Soft Fleece Blanket


This soft fleece blanket has a beautiful picture featuring Futurama's main

characters. This blanket would be great to display on a couch all year long

and perfect for keeping warm during cold winter months.

Planet Express Ship Replica


What better gift for a fan of Futurama than their very own Planet Express ship. This is an exact replica of the show's space ship. The base has battery compartment because parts of the ship light up when it's attached to the base. This ship has great detail and is beauitfully made. It's magnetically attached to the base so the ship can be removed for pretend delivery missions to other planets.

Futurama Action Figures

Here is just one of many. This is Fry with the Holophonor.

But there are many more to choose from on Amazon.











There are also these neat glow in the dark figures. These are Kif

and Leela (with her glow in the dark blaster).



The Hypnotoad is the hypnotic toad that

has been a fan favorite. There have been

some cute toys released based on the

Hypnotoad. From left to right: This first

Hypnotoad figure has glass domes for eyes

covering lenticular stickers to simulate the

hypnotic eyes. The second one is a San

Diego Comic Con exclusive, limited to

2,000. The third one is a cute coin bank.

Any of these would make a perfect unique

gift for a Futurama fan.

Futurama Cityscape Shirt


This shirt with the Planet Express Ship flying over New New York

would make a great unique gift for a Futurama fan. This shirt has

beautiful artwork and comes in many different sizes.

Zoidberg Trust Me, I'm a Doctor T-Shirt




This hilarious Futurama T-shirt has a picture of Zoidberg and says,


"Trust me, I'm a Doctor." According to the reviews, this is not a


funny gift for a failed med student. However, it would make a great


gift for a successful med student or pre-med student or especially a


full-fledged doctor. It comes in many different sizes.



Futurama Complete Series


In case your beloved nerdlinger does not have the entire

series on DVD, here is a complete collection, including the four movies (that's the item on the left). Additionally I've included here (on the right) the Complete Collection, which was released in 2009 which includes all of the seasons up

until the movies and the movies. It's not the complete series but the packaging is really neat. All of the DVDs are stacked inside Bender's head, so it would make a great display piece.

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